Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What the jinn wants

Maybe you come across a Jinn, and it wants something from you, either in exchange for something you want or just because it is a capricious spirit and messing with banu Adam or other mortals is an irresistible delight. In any case it definitely wants something from you. So when that happens you roll a d12, and they want:

1. Money (not that they need it. More so that you don't have it, or because they like its sound, or because they're into numismatics)
2. A story
3. Your life (either they kill you or this is a "trading places" type thing)
4. Your beloved 
5. A random item you have
6. A random item you don't have
7. Nothing (nothing)
8. "Nothing" (something)
9. To make a friend
10. To see where this goes; curiosity
11. One of your precious memories
12. To help you to further their own agenda. You'll have a valuable ally, but probably end up with another jinn, afreet, prince or someone else powerful as an enemy as you've been used to get their goat.

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