Sunday, January 11, 2015

Another quick session recap

Attendance was low this week, and with the poor wizard without a spellbook for several sessions now it seemed a good time to run a side quest to obtain a new one. That took the shape of the Tower of the Stargazer, which turned out to be fairly easy to run without much prep.

The failed infiltration of the tower holding plans for the human-sacrifice powered alchemical factory (see last time) seems to have had repercussions - surveillance and city watch have increased, and the ban on weapons in public areas is being strictly enforced. Fortunately, however, the attack doesn’t seem to have been traced back to your group, so nothing worse yet. 

Kerouac mourning the death of his faithful hawk George the Hawk, still needed to recover his spell book or acquire a new one. He thought he would follow the rumours from last time and explore the mysterious tower surrounded by continuous lightning. Aided by a voluntaristic Tirias and a few hired fighters from the Protection Committee looking to split the loot for the resistance, they advanced to the tower narrowly avoiding being struck by lightning. In the tower, they treaded lightly afraid to trigger any arcane or horrible traps, and encountered Uravulon Calcaides, a mage apparently trapped in his own circle of protection for several decades. Once the latter began making some obscene threats were he not released, the group deferred letting him out and continued to explore, facing some further hazards (and avoiding others) in the tower until they found a spell book (yay finally) and a whole shit town of loot (~1500 gold or something)

All in all a successful side quest, nobody died, although several people almost did, including at least one overenthusiastic fighter.

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